Call Me Up

“Can you just call me up, feeling myself fall down. Can you please hurry up, ain’t far off the ground.”

The single “Call Me Up” was released on 14 October 2022. The music video was released on 20 October 2022 in a YouTube premiere, where the artist and his team were present in a live-chat with the fans.

“Our society constantly teaches and shows us that we can only be complete together with another person. That is also why I have too often made my personal well-being dependent on other people’s decisions, or on whether I get the confirmation I hope for from others. In the course of the song I ask myself »Do I need someone to be someone?« and come to the conclusion that it is time to discard this concept, because I am complete and whole,” Tom Neuwirth a.k.a. Conchita Wurst explains the background and the genesis of the song.

14 October 2022




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