Die Grosse Chance 2011

Die große Chance [Engl.: "The Big Chance"] is an Austrian talent television show, originally aired between 1980 and 1990, then revived as a competitive talent show starting 2011. It was broadcast on Austrian television ORF eins.

The first six episodes with the castings were recorded at the Rosenhügel Studios in Vienna at the beginning of September, the remaining three recall shows and the finale ran live on ORF eins from the end of October. It was Conchita's very first television appearance. She reached 6th place in the finale with her own song "Unbreakable".

The following year she travelled through Austria as a testimonial for the show to take photos with fans for a competition.

23 September 2011


21 October 2011


11 November 2011


3 - 6 September 2012


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