Erstmal Pause

"Begehre nichts und nehme alles. Ganz opportun gesprochen: Ich lehne mich entspannt zurück, schöne süße Langeweile."

The single "Erstmal Pause" [Engl.: “First, take a break”] was released on 29 July 2022.

“My team and I have already been working constantly during the pandemic, and the last few weeks we’ve been on the road virtually non-stop. Now we are happy that we can take a month off in the summer so that we can start again with fresh energy in the autumn,” said Tom Neuwirth.

29 July 2022




An extended version of the music video has been published on Conchita Wurst’s own video-on-demand platform, where his fans can also watch countless behind-the-scenes videos, original series, fitness videos and other content that is not available anywhere else.

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