Heast as net

“Heast as net” is a song from 1992 by the Austrian singer-songwriter Hubert von Goisern, who inspires a large audience in Austria with his mixture of folk and rock music and his honest and down-to-earth lyrics.

The song describes with only a few words the transience of people and the change of generations, and with its calm mood it is an invitation to lean back and relax – and maybe also to think about yourself a little.

The song is one of those musical works that have spread without charts and is perhaps better known to people in Austria than any number one hits that have been forgotten after three months.

As Conchita started to record some cover versions of different songs with fellow Austrian musicians in 2017, she and Ina Regen chose this song for their joined project of a song in Austrian dialect – never expecting the huge success of this version of “Heast as net”, which followed soon after the release of the music video on Conchita’s YouTube channel in November 2017.

30 November 2017




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