Paris (Savoir-Vivre)

“Ah, excusez-moi! Connais-tu? En avez-vous? En avez-vous déjà entendu parler?”

The single “Paris (Savoir-Vivre)” was released on 3 June 2022. This song practically invites you onto the catwalk: Conchita sings about the art of enjoying life and getting rid, layer by layer, of the armor we have put on ourselves over the course of our lives. In keeping with Pride Month, he encourages being true to oneself and investing most of one’s energy into shaping one’s character rather than fashion or other unnecessary status symbols.  

The song also includes tongue-in-cheek passages in French, and thus marks Conchita Wurst’s French vocal debut. The futuristic music video by the Linz production duo crisp&juicy is reminiscent of a fashion show of vanities on the catwalk and was filmed in the FILL Future Tube in Gurten, Upper Austria.  

3 June 2022




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