SWR Nachtcafé

Nachtcafé” [Engl.: Night Café] is a talk show on SWR, a German regional television channel targeting the states of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. It was one of the first thematic talk shows on German television.

Six to eight guests are interviewed individually and brought into conversation with one another. Celebrity guests often speak on a topic that they are not directly associated with in public.

Until December 2014, each edition of the show began with a so-called “bar talk”. This consisted of a one-on-one interview with a guest, who usually did not sit in the discussion group later, and served to introduce the respective program topic.

Conchita Wurst was this guest for the “bar talk” in a 2013 show on the subject of “Typical Man, Typical Woman“.

Unfortunately, only a short excerpt from this program is currently available. If you find more clips, please send the links!

12 July 2013


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